Federico Caviggioli

Short bio

Federico Caviggioli is Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Production Engineering (DIGEP) of Politecnico di Torino. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics and Management of Technology at the University of Bergamo in 2011.

His research focuses on economics of innovation and, in particular, technology strategy, market for technologies, patent data intelligence, and quality of patent systems. Quantitative analysis and patent data treatment are among his main skills. He published in international journals such as Research Policy, Industry and Innovation, Technovation, and Technological Forecasting & Social Change.

He contributed to several projects funded by the European Commission (e.g. Universities in the Framework Programmes and PatQual), national institutions (e.g. Torino Chamber of Commerce), and Italian companies (e.g. Leonardo-Finmeccanica spa). He has been a member of the Senate of Politecnico di Torino from 2015 to 2017.

Selected publications

  • DE MARCO, A., SCELLATO, G., UGHETTO, E., CAVIGGIOLI, F., (2017), “Global markets for technology: evidence from patent transactions”, Research Policy, 46(9), 1644-1654, Elsevier, 10.1016/J.RESPOL.2017.07.015
  • CAVIGGIOLI, F., DE MARCO, A., SCELLATO, G., UGHETTO, E., (2017), “Corporate strategies for technology acquisition: evidence from patent transactions”, Management Decision, 55(6), 1163-1181, Emerald Publishing, 10.1108/MD-04-2016-0220
  • CAMBINI, C., CAVIGGIOLI, F., SCELLATO, G., (2016), “Innovation and market regulation: evidence from the European electricity industry”, Industry and Innovation, 23(8), 734-752, Taylor & Francis, 10.1080/13662716.2016.1206464
  • CAVIGGIOLI, F., (2016), “Technology fusion: identification and analysis of the drivers of technology convergence using patent data”. Technovation, 55-56(J-K), 22-32, Elsevier, 10.1016/j.TECHNOVATION.2016.04.003
  • CAVIGGIOLI, F., UGHETTO, E., (2016), “Buyers in the patent auction market: opening the black box of patent acquisitions by Non-Practicing Entities”, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 104(C), 122-132, Elsevier, 10.1016/j.TECHFORE.2015.11.031
  • AGOSTINI, L., CAVIGGIOLI, F., (2015), “R&D collaboration in the automotive innovation environment: an analysis of co-patenting activities”, Management Decision, 53(6), 1224-1246, Emerald Publishing, 10.1108/MD-06-2014-0407
  • AGOSTINI, L., CAVIGGIOLI, F., FILIPPINI, R., NOSELLA, A., (2015), “Does patenting influence SME sales performance? A quantity and quality analysis of patents in Northern Italy”, European Journal of Innovation Management, 18(2), 238-257, Emerald Publishing, 10.1108/EJIM-07-2013-0071
  • CAVIGGIOLI, F., DE MARCO, A., SCELLATO, G., ROGO, F., (2015), “Patenting strategies and characteristics of declared inventions in the Long Term Evolution standard”, R&D Management, 46(2), 664-676, Wiley, 10.1111/RADM.12194
  • CAVIGGIOLI, F., UGHETTO, E., (2014), “The drivers to patent transactions: corporate views on the market for patents”, R&D Management, 43(4), 318-332, Wiley, 10.1111/RADM.12016
  • CAVIGGIOLI, F., SCELLATO, G., UGHETTO, E., (2013), “International patent disputes: evidence from oppositions at the European Patent Office”, Research Policy, 42(9), 1634-1646, Elsevier, 10.1016/j.RESPOL.2013.06.004


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